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1081 Greenbank Rd.
(Barrhaven), Ontario  K2J 1X8
Here is what you get
Divine Word offers...
  • A Bible-based church, which is part of a larger fellowship
  • A unified belief in God's Word at a time when the truths of His Word are being seriously watered down
  • A group of warm and caring people who love God
  • A relationship with people excited about their faith
  • Positive, uplifting, authentic worship
  • Real and relevant messages for adults and children
  • A chance to grow in hope and faith
  • Opportunities to be involved in important ministries
  • A place to belong, to give you meaning in life and to be accepted
  • Bible studies of all kinds for people of all ages
  • The friendship of others waiting to serve you
  • An opportunity to add your vision to our ministry
  • A chance to have a break from the stress and busyness of life