Young and Old
Divine Word is for adults of all ages and different origins!

We are here for children, teens, young adults, singles, couples, parents, grandparents and the widowed. We have various ministries for you to participate and become involved with.

Our Chinese ministry is very popular and growing in our community of Barrhaven.


To accommodate different age groups and origins, we offer Bible studies in many different formats and levels in order to help you understand and get to know God better.

Our Foundations Class is called “God Speaks: A Foundation for an Active, Growing and Thriving Faith” In 16 lessons, you get a very complete picture of God’s will for you and how you can live for Him.

Divine Word is also for Kids!

We believe that it's important to serve the children of our community with something that is meaningful and uplifting. Jesus once said, “Let the little children come to me!” 

Our Sunday School and special Children’s Programs have been very popular with young families in the area. We periodically have worship services that contain a Message for Kids, something to help them get to know God better.

We understand that for some young families bringing their children to church can be difficult.  For those parents who find it difficult to sit in the pews with their little ones for more than a few minutes, we also televise our services in our basement.  If you need to quiet a restless child, you can do so in our basement and still see the service from there.  

If you are not attending church because you feel it's too difficult to handle the children, consider coming to Divine Word and let us know what you think!