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Our Foundations Class

If you'd like to find out more about the differences among Christian churches - the differences between Christianity and other religions - what the Bible REALLY says about different crucial topics - and have an opportunity to ask ALL the questions you've ever had about God/the Bible/eternity/life/death/etc., then our Foundations Class is for YOU!!!

This class is for people who have never seen a Bible before and know nothing of Jesus, as well as those who have been life-long believers and church goers. To accommodate different age groups and origins, we conduct our studies in many different formats and levels in order to help you understand and get to know God better.  Everyone will benefit from this free, no obligation course, on the teachings of God's Word.

Making you a member is NOT our primary objective.  Helping you get to know Jesus or, know Him better is!

Contact our Pastor via our About Us page, if you have questions or any interest at all.....  

We'd love to have you participate in this class!

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